Why are we gluten free?

Tasty, healthier and more nutritious than rice-based products.

R&D leads to a mission

Back in 2015 we did an R&D project that showed us that the gluten-free community wasn’t being well serviced. Gluten-free advocates kept finding out that products that claimed to be gluten-free had cross contamination and bloggers complained about the lack of nutrients on rice based gluten free food, with some even going as far as advising against a gluten free diet unless you had to.

Celifood was born to be inclusive, gluten free certified and use rich nutrients from superfoods (like quinoa) to improve your lifestyle and #elevateyourfood.

Share without doubts

Our products are certified as 20ppm as per FDA’s requirements to be called Gluten Free, but are regularly checked for 5ppm of gluten (Our Quinoa Munch has been lab tested as 3ppm).