It's an ideal travel cereal that can also be snacked on wherever you go with all the benefits of quinoa and always gluten free

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gluten free

Always <5ppm

real ingredients

Fruit pulp, real chocolate, powdered veggies

soft taste

More enjoyable for all 

Quinoa Munch

Quinoa munch

Real ingredients, quinoa cereals and gluten free snacks that can go anywhere with you 

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Quinoa Flakes

 Pretoasted Gluten Free Flakes 100% quinoa ready to eat and protein 

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Quinoa Flour

Gluten Free Flour 100% quinoa for bakery and cooking



Certified ingredients

 We offer powdered, flaked and extruded superfoods with HACCP certification, produced in a 100% gluten free facility.
Enrich your current products or create new offerings.
We have solutions for Manufacturers, HORECA and White Label

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